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Patch 3.0 beta

Has the messiah arrived?

Patch news Posted March 7th by Gory

Patch 10 delayed

Uh-oh! Apparently the TW team have run into some problems regarding patch content that requires extra time to fix. Perhaps we'll finally get a functional political system out of it...

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Rome II news Posted January 31st by Gory

Patch 9 is live

With additional improvements to siege performance and CPU utilization, patch 9 is now live. How are people finding the new patch? Any negative or positive experiences to share?

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Patch news Posted January 26th by Gory

Beta patch 9

Hi folks; Beta patch 9 is now available for Rome II which includes a slew of optimsation and AI fixes. Early reports suggest the AI can now somewhat conduct sieges.

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Patch news Posted January 7th by Gory

Beta 8.1 update

A new update has been released for the 8.1 beta patch. Oddly some users are reporting the patch only weighs in at around 37mb, while others are being pushed a full 450mb update (I can confirm this, as it was my experience).

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Rome II news Posted December 17th by Gory

Caesar in Gaul & Patch 8

Patch 8 notes are now available to view online while Caesar in Gaul is due to unlock at 6pm GMT. The main point to take away is they finally fixed the frame rate drop when it rains.

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Patch 3.0 beta

Has the messiah arrived?...

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