Rome wasn't patched in a day (part 1)

A look back on Rome II, starting with release and patches 1-3

Augustus campaign - factions revealed

Posted September 10th 2014 Gory

A list of playable factions have been released: Marc Antony, Lepidus, Octavian, Pompey, Iceni, Marcomanni, Dacia, Egypt, Parthia, Armenia (also now playable in the ROME II Grand Campaign).

Emperor Edition: Countdown

Posted September 10th 2014 Gory

A mere 6 days until the release of Rome II: Emperor Edition. If you're one of the few yet to own Rome II, it comes with all previously released Free-LC and the Greek states DLC pack as well as the new Augustus campaign.

Emperor Edition: Beta

Posted September 2nd 2014 Gory

The beta of Rome 2 Total War: Emperor Edition (free for everyone that owns the game, and including previous FLC) is now available on Steam (View game properties, then click the beta tab). Improvements include a new politics system and more...

Beta 14 patch

Posted July 22nd 2014 Gory

Beta patch 14 has finally been released, and contains a huge number of Siege AI improvements! 26 individual AI improvements are listed, as well other fixes.

Rome wasn't patched...pt2

Posted July 3rd 2014 Gory

A look back on patches 4-5

Steam summer sale

Posted June 20th 2014 Gory

Rome II and selected Shogun & Rome II dlc is sitting now in the steam store upwards of 50% off

Hotfix & festivals update

Posted June 17th 2014 Gory

Hi folks - a new update was released today with numerous hotfixes (detailed in the full article) as well as the addition to the game of random event festivals which can confer pretty meaningful bonuses on your nation.

Empire released for MAC users

Posted June 11th 2014 Gory

Empire: Total War has now been released for MAC users on steam! Check out the steam store page here

Rome II patch out today

Posted May 27th 2014 Gory

Total War ROME II: Getae and Pydna Update is out today, unlocking the Getae for free and adding the Battle of Pydna to the game. It also contains some minor updates and data files for the Pirates & raiders DLC.

DLC and Free LC announcement

Posted May 22nd 2014 Gory

With the release of Rally Point 20 comes news on the next free content and DLC pack for Rome II.

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Rome wasn't patched...pt2

A look back on patches 4-5

Rome wasn't patched in a day (part 1)

A look back on Rome II, starting with release and patches 1-3

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